Birch Plywood

Manufactured from a dense timber species Birch Plywood is a high quality, multi-ply hardwood panel, offering consistent strength, fine grain texture and ease of finishing. The multiple veneers that make up this plywood increase its structural stability and provide a first-class face finish. It is used widely in construction and other precision engineering applications. The grade of the board we supply is BB/CP and BB/BB.

BB/BB: Single piece face and back. On average, both face and back veneers allow 3-6 small colour-matched patches and some light mineral streaks. Tight pin knots may be present. Inner cores are solid single piece veneers.
BB/CP: Single piece face and back. The “CP” back veneers are downgraded from “BB” grade veneers, allowing unlimited patches and sound knots but not open defects. Inner cores are solid birch single piece veneers.

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