Malaysian Plywood

Malaysian plywood engineered from tropical timbers and split into four categories: heavy, medium, light and softwood. Fifty-seven species from the hardwood category are great for the manufacture of Malaysian plywood. Therefore, one can get varying qualities and types of Malaysian plywood.

Because of the natural absence of defects in Malaysian hardwood plywood, they are usually great for beautification. 

What is Malaysian Plywood 

The product usually made using durable species from Peninsular Malaysia. Their construction uses exterior glue bonds. Every board meets the requirements for standardization, making the Malaysian hardwood plywood great for use in both exterior and interior settings.

Because of variations in type and quality, Malaysian plywood prices vary, depending on what you want and where you will use it. 

When Should You Use Malaysian Plywood?

Most plywood’s standard size cut in usually measures 4×8 (4 feet by 8 feet). Therefore, classifying Malaysian hardwood plywood, we can say it is in the same root family as particleboard and Medium Density Fireboards (MDF).

Malaysian plywood uses classified as Dry, Humid and Exterior. Therefore, when buying, you should know where you will apply the plywood to know which class to get.

You can use Malaysian plywood for:

  • Joinery
  • Furniture parts
  • Roofing
  • Flooring
  • Construction
  • Portable buildings
  • Shopfitting

The number of uses only limited by the type or grade of Malaysian hardwood plywood you buy. The Malaysian plywood prices change depending on class and application. Always check when buying.

Benefits of Malaysian Plywood

  • Malaysian hardwood plywood is strong; can be used in structural applications where necessary. 
  • The strength of Malaysian plywood is along the grain rather than across it. That means it is more robust than most types of plywood, equalized in several directions. 
  • The Malaysian hardwood plywood is solid and does not swell, bend or experience shrinkage. With another chemical coating like fire-retardants, moisture resistance and fire pressure resistance, you’ll have reliable plywood for multiple uses. 
  • Cedar makes the Malaysian softwood plywood and is applied in roofing and flooring because it is resistant to wear and tear, cracking, breaking, creeping, and other typical damage.


A quick look at the Malaysian plywood prices will indicate what type they are, allowing you to choose the best class of plywood for use. Then, check out the available styles in our inventory and find out more about which one works best for your purposes.

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