Elliotis Pine Plywood

Elliotis plywood is also known as shuttering plywood. The general uses include hoarding, packaging, shuttering, and non-structural building. 

What is Elliotis Pine Plywood

Elliotis pine plywood is manufactured from single species of Elliotis Pine. Normally, the panels are manufactured with an odd number of plies, with each ply arranged to meet those bonded to it at a 90-degree angle, to make sure that the construction is balanced. 

The face and reverse veneers are usually arranged to orient with the longest dimension. 

The structural grade of Elliotis Pine

The structural grade of Elliotis Pine plywood consists of Phenolic Surface Film panels overlaid on both sides. Elliotis Pine plywood is made using medium density panels that are overlaid in one and sometimes two sides. The faces and backs are improved with wood patches, usually mill-oiled with a sealed edge.   

There are several types of Elliotis Pine Structural plywood, including:

  • C+ /C CE2+

This one is developed to be used in floor decking and other industrial applications where solid surfaces are essential. These solid surfaces make it easy for the panels to perform well as shuttering boards when treated with release agents. 

  • C+ /C CE4

This type is developed to bolster performance at a low cost. These panels are repaired and sanded on one face, with the reverse showing some defects. They are perfect for general non-structural applications. 

  • B/C

This is a structural panel with a solid wood face on one side. Any repair wider than 5mm are made using wood patches. It is a good option where strength and a solid majorly wooden surface is needed for painting or veneering using thin natural veneers. 

  • C/C CES2+

Also called sheating, this Elliotis plywood type offers low cost great performance for rough finishing on both sides of the panel. Usually, they are used on general structural applications. 

  • B/B O&ES

This panel is structural with a solid wood face. It is sealed with mineral oil and great for concrete framework. 

  • T&G

In some cases the Elliotis plywood panels B/C, C+/C CE2 and C/C CE2+ of 18mm may be made with tongue and grooved forms. They are best for floor and roof decking applications.  

Common uses of Elliotis Pine plywood sheet:

  • It is perfect for applications where strength and a solid surface is a prerequisite for veneering or painting.
  • It also provides a great surface for painting in structural, industrial and paneling situations. 
  • It is developed for use as floor decking and industrial applications where accuracy in thickness is required. 
  • Elliotis Plywood is also excellent for use as roof decking, wall sheathing, roof sheathing, sidewalls, crating, packing, pallet and concrete shutter paneling. 

Advantages of Elliotis Pine Plywood

  • The panels are an economic option when you are doing concrete forming. 
  • They offer reliable structural performance
  • They are suitable for places where moisture content is above 20%

In Conclusion

If you need plywood for both structural and non-structural construction, boarding up, packaging, veneering and other uses mentioned above, Elliotis Pine Plywood will come in handy. 

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