Poplar Core Plywood

Poplar core plywood offers excellent durability, moisture resistance and bending strength. The symmetrically cross-bonded inner and outer layers are engineered from veneer sheets. The outer surface grain may either be in the direction of the smaller side or the direction of the greater side of the board.

Features of Poplar Core Plywood

  • Poplar plywood is one of the most preferred sheet material for many applications.
  • The product is engineered from thin sheets of wood veneer which are bound together using resin and then compacted under high temperature and pressure.
  • It provides an excellent quality surface with no knots.
  • It is cost-effective, but that doesn’t compromise its high quality.
  • It does not warp, shrink, twist, expand, crack or split when exposed to different weather conditions.
  • The art used in arranging and bonding the grains makes the poplar plywood sheets hard to bend, and this makes the product suitable for applications where strength is needed.
  • It is available in both poplar core softwood and poplar core hardwood.
  • It is ideal for both external and internal use (as long as the face and the edges of the sheet are preserved properly with treatment).

Common Uses of Poplar Plywood Sheets

Poplar core plywood sheets can be used in several applications. It can be utilised for making windows and doors frames, furniture, carpentry, and packaging. Poplar plywood is also ideal for use in humid areas. Thanks to its considerably lightweight core it can be utilised in the construction of high structural stresses in shops and shipbuilding, bathroom furniture, interior fitting as well as vehicle construction.

Advantages of Poplar Core Plywood

So why consider poplar core plywood for your construction designs? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Poplar plywood is light– poplar plywood sheets are manufactured from poplar plants which are lightweight-fast growing plants with a weight of 450kg/m3 +/- 10%. As such, it is used in many applications that demand both lightweight and robust material.
  • Light and plain shade– as opposed to the other sheet materials you can get a wide variety of wide and plain boards of poplar plywood.
  • Versatility- poplar has a great ratio between specific weight and mechanical elements. Regardless of its lightweight, its flexibility and ease of screwing make the product ideal for the furniture sector and also in the structural construction industry.
  • Ease of work- though it is high resistant to force, poplar plywood is made of a mild material that is not hard to cut. Besides, it reduces the consumption of tools.
  • Environmentally friendly– poplar boards are obtained from poplar trees which by themselves are not cut from virgin forests. These trees usually grow at a much-accelerated rate and are harvested. Poplar is a renewable source and therefore an excellent substitute for materials that emit high content of carbon monoxide. Besides, no part of the tree goes to waste as almost 95% is used in making the sheets and the rest as a biofuel.


Poplar core plywood is one of the highly sought-after sheet materials for both domestic and commercial applications. Its versatility, strength and aesthetic appeal are unparalleled and makes it a desirable product to use in your home design.

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