Marine Plywood (Class 3)

What rings into your consciousness when you hear about marine plywood? Water-resistant plywood that can be used in the extremely cold zones? Well, that is, perhaps, the assumption for most people. But is there a fraction of truth in this claim? Well, that is what we seek to answer in this guide. 

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Often referred to as marine plywood, marine-grade plywood is not what many people think it is. That is, the plywood is not waterproof. However, it is excellent hardwood plywood engineered with waterproof glue. However, because it is not chemically treated, it is not resistant to rot. However, good grades are strong, lightweight and defects-free.

What is Marine Grade Plywood?

Marine plywood is a robust and high-quality product engineered from Douglas-fir or Western Larch that is not chemically treated. To make the marine plywood sheets, the thin plies are set up perpendicularly in a plywood-making process known as cross-lamination that gives the material a lot of strength.

However, heat and pressure are also applied to arrange the marine ply sheets well since the wood is not decay or rot-resistant.

When Should You Use Marine Grade Plywood?

If you want to construct certain kinds of long-lasting structures such as decks and boats, it will not be a prudent idea to go for the regular plywood. This is where marine-grade plywood comes in handy.

Marine plywood is an impeccably durable and versatile sheet material, especially when using it in water applications. Besides these benefits, marine plywood price is not higher than that of regular plywood. As such, you ought to make the right decisions on your investments. With that in mind, when should you consider marine plywood? We have collected some of the prime projects.


Regardless of the size of the boat you are building, marine plywood sheets are the best materials to use. The material is durable, easy to work with, and will protect your boat in case of a leak.

Covered docks

Yes, your guess was right. Marine plywood is an excellent option for docks. While other wood types need sanding and annual treatment, the case is different when it comes to marine plywood. It withstands harsh environments with little maintenance every year. As such, it doesn’t warp or rot due to water conduct.

Lake platforms

Just like docks, plywood sheets come in handy in building lake platforms. However, in this case, several sheets should be nailed and glued together, and waterproof sealer applied as a finish.


For interior use, marine ply wood is preferred for use in bathrooms. This is because it can withstand high moisture content surrounding the bathroom.


This is another interior place where marine plywood is used. The moisture experienced in the kitchen can compromise the integrity of standard plywood, and that is why plywood sheets are preferred. The marine plywood is also an excellent option for making cabinets and in flooring depending on the amount of water these places come in conduct with.

Benefits of Marine Grade Plywood

Using marine plywood offers you with a wide range of benefits. Some include:


This is, undoubtedly the biggest benefit of marine plywood. Though not waterproof, it can handle moisture well as opposed to most wood types.


Thanks to its structure, marine ply wood can bend without compromising its structural integrity. It doesn’t crack or warp either.

Impact resistance

Marine plywood sheets provide excellent impact resistance thanks to its hard and dense outside layer.

Surface finish

It has a superior surface finish which is very smooth and soft to touch. So, you don’t have to worry about splintering.


For applications where moisture is an issue, marine plywood is the best material to choose. It will offer you great value for your money in terms of durability and appearance.

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