Moisture Resistant MDF

Moisture resistant MDF is a ridiculously versatile sheet material that comes with high internal bond strength. The product is utilised extensively throughout furniture and construction industries, usually for interior applications subjected occasionally by high humidity and wetting.

As such, a waterproof MDF board is engineered to deal with high moisture levels and humidity without affecting its strength and quality. This kind of MDF comprises of moisture –repelling resin which offers great resistance to wet conditions like in kitchens, boats, washrooms and bathrooms.

Meant for interior applications, this premium sheet material is available in a range of thicknesses to suit varying project requirements.

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Where Is Moisture Resistant MDF Applied?

The features associated with water resistant MDF make it suitable to be used in different environments such as bathrooms and kitchens where moisture content level is an all-time high. It is also applied in general joinery, laundry and utility rooms and also in washrooms, boiler rooms, and cubicles in commercial structures. Moisture-resistant MDF is also utilised in shop fitting and bars.

The moisture-resistant resin applied in this wood makes moisture resistant MDF superior and more reliable than the standard MDF.

Features of Moisture Resistant MDF

The resistant moisture MDF offers great features that make it an incredible product to use in interior applications;

  • The product is easy to fabricate and install by use of nails, screws and glues. Besides, it holds the screws well than standard MDF.
  • The boards can be cut in different shapes and sizes and therefore, easy to customise and be creative in different projects.
  • It has a free-knot and smooth surface and therefore can be stained or painted as well as apply varnishes for use with laminates and veneers.
  • It is an environmentally friendly product since it is obtained from recycled wood chippings, offcuts and sawdust that would otherwise be thrown away.
  • Water-resistant MFD is denser than standard MDF.
  • Suitable for edge profiling.
  • The product can be drilled, shaped and routed easily and cleanly without chipping or splitting.
  • Ideal for use with almost all working tools.
  • Used for interior applications only.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Formaldehyde-free adhesive.

Note: Though waterproof MDF sheets are termed to be ‘moisture-resistant’ they are not the same as water-resistant solid wood and therefore they are still vulnerable to warping and swelling if exposed directly to water.


If you have tried standard MDF in interior applications and doesn’t seem to work for you, waterproof MDF board would be a great substitute. Applied well, it can be the problem solver to your occasionally humid washrooms, bathrooms or kitchen.

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