OSB Board

OSB board is one of the most-used material sheets in various applications. But what makes it the most preferred construction sheet material by most builders? Continue reading below to find out, including different types of OSB, and where they are commonly used.

What is OSB?

Perhaps you are wondering what the heck the OSB stands for. Well, it stands for Oriented Strand Board. OSB sheet is a strong, versatile and reliable engineered sheet material designed to be used in a myriad of applications such as flooring and roofing, especially in areas of high humidity.

OSB wood sheet is manufactured by use of adhesives and layers of strands of wood (hence the name). It is these strands that give OSB its unique appearance.

OSB panel typically has a particoloured and rough surface. In fact, the individual strips of wood utilised during the creation of OSB are visible. The trips are usually 1 inch by 5.9 inches. The wood strips are laid disproportionately crisscrossing each other in different thickness and types. This is the secret behind OSB’s strength and flexibility.

OSB is also used as an alternative to softwood plywood since it offers the same performance, but cheaper than plywood. As such, OSB is commonly used as sheathing materials on floors, ceilings and walls in today’s construction.

Types of OSB Board

There are four main types of OSB wood sheets. The classification is usually done based on their physical features.


This type of OSB is used for general applications but in dry conditions only. The strand board is fixed together using UF glue (Urea Formaldehyde).

It is used in non-structural applications, making furniture, in decorations and packaging.

Sterling Board/OSB2

Sterling board is a perfectly-engineered wood sheet ideal for structural application in dry load-bearing conditions.  PMDI (Isocyanate) glue is used for the core, while MUF (Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde) is used for the outer wood strips.

A low-cost and perfect alternative to plywood, OSB 2 is used in applications such as roofing, making furniture, packaging, flooring, decoration, walls and pallets.

Sterling OSB3

Sterling board OSB 3 is made to withstand the toughest (humid) conditions. It is a perfect-engineered sheet material meant for structural applications in load-bearing and harsh conditions. The wood strips are bound together using PF (Phenol-Formaldehyde) glue.

OSB 3 is utilised in applications such as roofing, wall sheathing, packaging, flooring and signboards.


This is generally termed as a heavy-duty load-bearing Oriented Strand Board. Just like OSB 3, OSB 4 is also used in harshest/humid conditions. The glue used is PF (Phenol-Formaldehyde).

OSB 4 is used as a structural panel in applications such as flooring and subflooring, roofing, wall sheathing, I-beams and in structural elements.

Common Uses of OSB Sheet

Here are the common applications of OSB board.

Used As Flooring Materials

A variety of sheet materials can be utilised in flooring. They include tiles, plywood, wooden boards and OSB. However, OSB offers the best flooring. But it all depends on the homeowner’s preferences. For those who want a cost-effective flooring material, OSB panel is, undoubtedly, a go for option.

Used As Sheets for Walls

OSB, concrete, plywood and hardwood are all used in making walls. However, OSB tongue and groove is preferred due to its pocket-friendly cost and considerable strength. Besides, OSB sheets make the interior to look more natural compared to the other wall materials.

Roof Sheathing

Seamed metal, cedarwood and corrugated metals are used as roofing materials. However, the ODB board is an excellent addition since it adds a more natural vibe to the structure. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to the other materials, but it is affected by extreme weather elements.

Making Furniture

OSB wood is utilised in making furniture like tables and chairs. In most cases, furniture made of hardwood needs furnishing and painting. However, with OSB wood sheet, painting is unnecessary.


Cost-effective, versatile, strong and sustainable, OSB board is certainly a go for option when choosing the best sheet material for roofing, flooring or making of furniture.

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