OSB Board

OSB or sterling board is a cost-effective alternative to plywood. The OSB board is made of strong wood and it has been widely used in DIY or trade projects in different applications. We currently stock the most popular type of OSB – OSB3 and it is available in two variations: Square Edge and Tongue and Groove.  These boards come in different sizes, the most popular sheet sizes that we stock are OSB3 board 18mm, 11mm & 9mm. Please view our range of all the size options, where you will also be able to find the bulk buy saving deals.  These wood sheets will guarantee greater load-bearing capacity and are sustainable in humid conditions. Here at Sheet Materials Wholesale, our selection of construction materials includes only strong and versatile boards suitable for various trade projects and DIY.

OSB is also known as Oriented Strand Board is a wood-based panel material. OSB boards have been widely used since 1963, the wood for production come from sustainable and quick-growing trees, such as southern yellow pine, spruce, and aspen.  The layered strips of hardwood and softwood are compressed together with a resin adhesive, it can have up to 50 layers to ensure the optimal strength.  It is the most popular and inexpensive, and it is widely known for floor, wall and roof sheathing applications.

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