Melamine Faced Chipboard

Perhaps, it is the first time you are hearing about melamine faced chipboard. The name may sound seemingly mysterious for most people, but the truth is that you are surrounded by this sheet material! Maybe by defining it, you will know what it is and be able to identify one around you.

What Is Melamine Faced Chipboard?

Melamine faced chipboard, also called melamine or Conti-board chipboard is a composite wood manufactured by mixing small machined wood particles with a strong adhesive (resin).

Thanks to its versatility, the melamine chipboard can be utilised in various applications such as bathroom wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, offices, canal boats, caravans and more.

It is pretty effortless to use and makes the surface aesthetically appealing. However, modern improved production technologies make melamine faced chipboard sheets appear more and more like natural wood. Sometimes you cannot differentiate the two!


Melamine chipboard often used in the construction of kitchen frames and cabinets. These products then utilised in various kitchen doors and fixtures such as edging tape, handles and hinges.


MFC chipboard utilised to construct shelves since it can be cut to any sizes and faced with different shades. Besides, you can edge your Conti-chipboard with either complementing or contrasting coloured edging tape to match any interior design.


Melamine faced chipboard also comes in handy in the construction of custom-made bedroom cabinets and wardrobe. So it is possible to create a seamless and personalised bedroom wardrobe without breaking your bank balances!

Advantages of Melamine Faced Chipboard

There are various advantages of MFC chipboard. They include.

  • MFC does not require any finishing- Apparently, the main advantage of using MFC. After fitting the laminated chipboard sheets in position, no further treatment needed. If you were to use plywood or timber instead, you would need to do extra work after fitting, such as sanding after applying each layer. It’s time-consuming, and considering that melamine is more stain-resistant than varnish, the extra effort cannot equal the time wasted when using timber or plywood.
  • Durable – The laminated chipboard is waterproof, shatter, and scratch-resistant, making it more durable than other materials that are vulnerable to water and scratch.
  • Cost-effective- MFC is cheap to buy and also to lay.
  • Aesthetically appealing.

Note: While the Conti-board chipboard is waterproof if water penetrates the chipboard underneath, the dampness could distort melamine. Similarly, while melamine chipboard is robust and long-lasting, if the installation was done improperly so that the MFC chipboard damages the particleboard, the melamine could chip.


The main reason why the popularity of melamine chipboard has been surging across DIY and professional industries is its versatility. Thanks to its tool, friendliness and lightweight, it can be applied in various projects.

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