Fire Retardant MDF

Fire retardant MDF is an MDF board made specifically for those situations which require fire enhanced performance according to UK building regulations. Fire-rated MDF board is manufactured in adherence to EN Euro class B&C and meant for utilisation in hotel foyers, display stands, and more.

What Is Fire Retardant MDF?

Fire retardant MDF is a non-load-bearing board engineered with enhanced fireproof properties and manufactured to meet European standard EN 622-5. These boards preferred for general use in dry conditions, especially in public places where strict fire regulations must adhere.
The boards engineered with improved fire resistance to reduce the spread of fire and not create burning droplets.

Where Is Fire Retardant MDF Applied?

For internal use where fire retardant recommended under Building regulations, the fire retardant MDF board doesn’t have different characteristics or handling from that of standard MDF. In both cases, pink or red shade added during the manufacturing process for identification reasons. Here are various applications of fire-rated MDF board:

  • Used in interior partitioning
  • Used to make exhibitions( kiosks, display stands)
  • Applied in commercial and retail applications
  • Used in public structures which require a strict fire risk assessment
  • In furniture components

Features of Fire Retardant MDF

  • Smooth surface – The manufacturing process of fireproof MDF ensures that the board is free from knots and other veneer inconsistencies found in plywood.
  • Fire-rated MDF board complies with the European classifications BS EN 13501-1. This compliance is tested by considering aspects such as lateral flame spread, total heat release, fire growth rate and smoke production.
  • Low swelling in thickness – As opposed to the other typical flame retardant surfaces, the features of FR MDF remains constant when the boards are sanded or machined.
  • It is ideal for dry surface applications (veneer, melamine facing, foil and more).
  • Environmentally friendly – Fire rated MDF board is manufactured and certified to meet FSC classification. As such, you can buy your FR MDF with confidence. The wood used to manufacture the MDF comes from a well-conserved and sustainable source. You can track the MDF boards from the start to the end user. Remember that all companies that deal with Fire retardant grade boards must be certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). All these efforts geared towards ensuring environmental sustainability.


Mostly used for applications where strict fire regulations are required, such as in public spaces, fire-rated MDF can save lives. With so many benefits and environmentally friendly, FR MDF is the best option for commercial as well as residential use.

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