Melamine Faced MDF

Melamine-faced MDF, yes, the name sounds unique and sweet, but what is it? That is what we seek to answer in this guide. Continue reading for more insights.

What Is Melamine Faced MDF?

The process of creating laminated MDF sheets is as easy as a, b, c. All that manufacturers need to do is to cover the MDF core with a decorative resin-impregnated paper, and that is all. Besides, the paper utilised for melamine face can be textured or hued to look like natural wood finishes. Sheet Materials Wholesale melamine white-faced MDF is ideal for use in high-quality furniture and interior design projects.
Generally, the melamine covered MDF core consists of wood fibres. That gives it a flat and smooth surface, dimensional stability, high density, and features that make it easy for processing. You can get it in different thickness, decorative finishes and designs to one or both sides.

Advantages of Melamine Faced MDF Sheets

  • Attractive decorative finish- If there is one property that makes white MDF boards stand out from the other sheet materials, their extensive and varied finishes are available. Whatever you need in terms of decoration, you get it.
  • The versatile range of colours, patterns and textures- You can choose the textures, colours or designs you need thanks to the versatility of the MDF melamine board.
  • Easy-to-machine MDF core- White MDF boards, are machinable and don’t split when cutting. They provide great consistency throughout their manufacturing.
  • Cost-effective- Since the MDF itself engineered from wood chippings, it is cost-effective compared to solid wood. As such, it is an excellent alternative if you want to save some bucks but still gets the same benefits offered by solid wood, such as beauty.
  • Environmentally friendly- MDF melamine board engineered from wood fibres which bound together by resin and waxes. Usually, these wood fibres obtained from recycled pallets, forest thinning and sawdust. That makes the product environmentally friendly compared to solid wood.

Common Uses of White Faced MDF

Melamine-faced MDF sheets utilised in a myriad of applications, including making:

  • Kitchen cabinets;
  • Cupboards;
  • Furniture;
  • Shelving;
  • Wardrobes;
  • Wall units;
  • Boat fit-outs;
  • Shopfittings;
  • Fire surrounds;
  • Hotel interiors;
  • Bar interiors;

It is also worth noting that because of its dimensionally stable and smooth surface, melamine covered MDF also utilised for laminate veneers or decorative wood.

Note: Any kind of dust can be detrimental if ingested or inhaled directly, and MDF is no exception. It is always advisable to wear the right PPE such as goggles and dust masks when cutting it. Also, it would help if you fit your machines with the correct dust extraction equipment. Also, your workshop ought to be well-ventilated. Experts recommend the use of a respirator equipped with P2 filter units.


Cost-effective, easy to work with, aesthetically appealing and environmentally friendly, there is no doubt that white MDF sheets are the suitable sheet materials. Whether you intend to make kitchen cabinets or decorate your hotel or bar, this product will serve you the best.

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