Radiata Pine Plywood

Radiata is pine and hence softwood. It is more available than most pines and other alternatives and very versatile, making it easy to manipulate and use in various settings for decorative and construction purposes. 

What is Radiata Pine Plywood

Radiata pine plywood is a plantation grown species that is suitable in structural uses and packaging. It combined the strength that comes with softwood, making it great for joinery. The pine plywood is harvested from renewable sources and plantations to meet demand and be up to standard for building codes around the world. 

Features of Radiata Plywood

Most of the Radiata pine plywood shows wide annual growth rings that are proof of its fast growth. 

  • Like most natural woods, Radiata plywood is not termite-resistant unless treated. In external use, it must be treated with preservatives to make sure that it is durable and not susceptible to insects, rot or fungi. 
  • Radiata pine plywood’s ability to take finishes is much better than most alternatives like birch. 
  • Usually, the size of most radiata pine plywood is standard and comes in 8’x4′ sheets. 
  • The strength of most radiata plywood sheets depends on the thickness. The thinner sheets bow when pressure is applied, especially when not cut into smaller sizes. 
  • Radiata plywood is not only easily available, affordable and sustainable, it also has a relatively straight grain, allowing it to take a variety of finishes easily. 

It is advisable to look at the grade and other obvious damage when purchasing Radiata plywood, to ensure that what you select will be up to the task for which it is intended. 

Common uses of radiata pine plywood sheets

  • It is used in making cabinetry
  • It also acts as interior lining with excellent results
  • Carpenters use it to make furniture and outfit shops and offices
  • Its strength makes it great for bracing and joinery

To enjoy the best properties of the pine plywood while saving money, purchase AC grade radiata pine plywood with an A-grade sanded veneer face, C-grade back and C-grade cores.

Look for other forms of the AC structure like AC Roughsawn siding, AC T1-11 and AC beaded-board with your choice of 4” or 8” O.C groove. 

Advantages of Radiata Pine Plywood

  • Radiata pine plywood is cheaper when compared to alternatives like acacia, oak or birch
  • Radiata plywood is natural and durable. These qualities make it much better than engineered wood. 
  • It is easier to work with using a handsaw or other tools because it is not very hard. 
  • It grows very fast, meaning that it does not have adverse environmental impacts after the tree harvesting. 

Cons of Radiata Pine Plywood

  • Radiata plywood offers medium strength and can get damaged easily under immense impact. 
  • Pine plywood tends to have knots on the surface of the wood that users may not like
  • For use in decorative purpose, Radiata plywood might not be the most aesthetically pleasing sheet material to consider 


As a durable, affordable and easy-to-find plywood, Radiata pine is an eco-friendly choice with many uses. It can be used for both interior and exterior projects. With proper usage, dimensions and thickness, you can apply the pine plywood in multiple places.

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