Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood is designed for use in making curved parts. It is a sheet material that was used in furniture making as early as the 1850s. In the U.K, the single-ply sheets of veneer used to fashion stovepipe hats, and to date, some people call the modern, flexible plywood ‘hatters ply.’

What is Flexible Plywood?

Flexible plywood is a form of plywood designed to bend and curve by force. It has a breaking point, like many things. If pressured too hard, the bendy plywood will split. Usually, the flexible plywood sheets resist bending.

To make bendy wood sheets, the crafters make thin plies. The thin plies can manipulate into various curvy forms for a wide variety of uses.

Features of bendy plywood

Usually, flexible plywood has properties that include:

  • Availability in both long and short-grain
  • Being lightweight as it made from thin sheets
  • Having surface faces that are usually smooth on both sides
  • Being easy to manipulate and use in several settings that require veneers

The fully exposed flexible plywood sheets must have a surface finishing to ensure no consistency checking or cracking. Usually, without a finish, they can absorb and lose moisture, which eventually leads to cracking.

As with all plywood types, flexible plywood sheets have to be Type A bonded and treated with preservatives to ensure that they last longer and perform well in any condition where they used.

Common uses of flexible plywood sheets

The uses of flexible plywood are vast and vary significantly. Some of the places where bendy plywood is applied include:

  • Furniture and cabinetry like curved parts, premium furniture, and custom-made products 
  • Model and mould-making for creative concepts and prototypes
  • Caravan, vehicle, aircraft, naval and railway construction
  • Staircases, counters, ceiling lining, and pillars in building interiors
  • Formwork in construction
  • Exhibitions for demonstrations, models, booths, and displays

The range of applications is vast that we can’t list every place you can use bendy plywood. You can even have custom requirements for positions that you think the flexible plywood sheets would work. Upon request, Sheet Materials Wholesale can make them unique configurations other than what you will find in the market.


  • Versatile applications
  • Durable and string
  • Resistance to warping, cracking or twisting 
  • Plywood is cheaper than boards for the same uses


  • Because of the thinness, even with finishes, flexible plywood is susceptible to water damage over time. 

In Conclusion

The creative ways in which flexible plywood may use are limited only by your imagination. However, they can make many structural and aesthetic features of your home appear much better—everything from chairs and beds to forming a cover for an MP3 player.

The flexible plywood price depends on which types you want and for what purpose. Feel free to ask about any of the available bendy plywood to get the details before purchasing.

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