Tongue and Groove Chipboard

Looking for flooring material sheets? Your search is not in vain. Tongue and groove chipboard is one of the most preferred flooring chipboard in both commercial and residential structures.

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What Is Tongue And Groove Chipboard?

Tongue and groove chipboard, popularly referred to as t & g chipboard is a moisture-resistant board used for flooring. The product is made from a collection of sawdust, wood shavings, or chips that are compressed with synthetic resin to have a solid product. The final product is durable and smooth chipboard that is put underneath the floor. As such, most homeowners choose tongue and groove chipboard flooring because of its strength and quality performance.

Common Uses of T&G Chipboard

T& G chipboard is commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms and general flooring applications since it adds strength to the floor when the boards are screwed down to the floor joints. Thanks to its density, it adds insulation when used with the right type of thermal slab insulation. It is also used in lofts, and its narrow size allows for easy installation in such tight spaces.

Advantages of Tongue And Groove Chipboard

Economical To Use

The products used to make p5 tongue and groove chipboard makes it cost-effective from the word go. Engineered from the waste products such as wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings, it is economical compared to any other alternatives.

Besides, the product is robust and offers you maximum performance, hence economical to use.

Effortless To Lay

Tongue and groove chipboard floorboards are constructed to fit flooring requirements in particular. As such, their customised design allows for easy and quick fitting. Besides, the tongue and groove on all the sides provides for tight joints, and therefore, offers excellent close-fitting on any floor surface. This makes it effortless to fit with different adhesives and tools.

Smooth and Reliable

Made from compressed wood pieces, tongue and groove chipboard flooring is stable and even. During the fitting, you will be surprised by how it fits into position without applying much effort. As such, you can utilise it without any stress since there are no knots to deal with. Besides, it does not have voids like in plywood, and therefore it allows for a seamless and fast fitting with no wastage. Reduced wastage also makes it more cost-effective.

Safety for Home Use

When manufacturing tongue & groove chipboard floor panel, the health and safety of the users is usually of ultimate consideration. The t & g chipboard flooring meets the safety and health standards. T & g chipboard is made to offer dependable strength, fire resistance, and moisture, among other vulnerabilities. Therefore, you can use it in bathrooms and kitchen without worries.


To wrap up, quality of tongue and groove chipboard floorboards matters and that is why you should buy your sheet materials from a reliable supplier. Undoubtedly, being safe to use, easy to lay, budget-friendly, and smooth and reliable, p5 tongue and groove chipboard is the best flooring material for the 21st century construction projects.

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