External Grade Poplar Core Plywood (Class 2)

Exterior Plywood is one the most commonly used sheets for many projects. It is made from layers of thin sheets of wood veneer which is then glued using WBP adhesive and compacted together. Exterior Plywood offers a great quality finish with a knot free surface finish. The plywood gives you value for money without compromising the quality. It is resistant to shrinkage, splitting, crackling, twisting and warping. Due to the way the veneer sheets are layered and glued it has reduced splitting quality and is also less likely to split when screwing or nailing. Exterior plywood has a very low expansion and shrinkage rate, making it very stable in any dimension where it is used. The way the grains of the Exterior Plywood are bonded and staggered together which makes it very hard to bend, therefore making it suitable for project where strength is of importance.

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